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        HEY THERE!

        I'm Merritt! And welcome to the long awaited selling of my secrets...my beloved LightRoom Mobile presets!

        I've been a photographer for 4 years now, and have spent hundreds of dollars on presets from photographers that I admire with the desire to enhance my own photos. I bet you're expecting me to say I regret those purchases, but I don't at all! I'm actually extremely thankful that I was able to invest in my work that way. By purchasing presets from other photographers, I was able to develop my own style. I began to learn the techniques and what setting makes images look a certain way, and from there began my journey into creating my very own unique style that reflects what I find visually appealing.
        By me releasing these presets, my hope is that you may experience that same creative direction in discovering your own unique style, or just a boost in inspiration!
        Happy editing!

        The Presets

        Bright & Airy

        This is one of my most used presets. It's bright and airy (my favorite)! With a bit cooler tones than in MerrittEllaine02. I always feel like the cooler tones in it give me the most white possible!

        Fun Pastels

        This preset is perfect for an indoor setting and a good go to when shooting on your phone! (All are perfect for phone shots, but in this example picture specifically chose to shoot with an iPhone!) It can brighten a space up and give it a pastel, warm look to it.

        Muted & Moody

        This is one of my favorite presets I use. It's for those moodier lighting situations and for when you want muted tones. It's a bit more sophisticated than fun, but can still fit into the same aesthetic!

        Brighten up that mood!

        This is a variation of MerrittEllaine03. It still keeps those muted tones and sophistication, while adding in a bit of a brighter feel to it!