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        Welcome! I'm Merritt.
        I'm so happy you're here!

        I believe in honest images - images that capture who you are. I believe your beauty goes much further than what is on the outside...it's who you are as a whole. And who you are is unlike anyone else in this world. I want to celebrate that. I want to celebrate all the little things that make up who you are and create something special. Something that is tailored to fit you. I want to create images that stand out, because you stand out.

        A photographer for the free spirited, the ones who like to go against the grain, the outgoing, the bold, the different, the relaxed, the sun chasers...you stand out and you're what the world needs more of.

        I’m Merritt.  I’m a 20 year old from Birmingham, AL studying entrepreneurship and photography at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  I’m drawn to whites and light.  Soft, warm light.  I want to see joy, spring days, the warmth of the sun… My work is a representation of what my soul searches for day to day and what I am drawn to…including the people.  The people are what it’s all about to me, and giving myself the pleasure of being exposed to exactly who that person is.  People who aren’t afraid to give me direction, are fully themselves, and are open to the weird and raw ideas and moments; embracing them head on.  I like the silly people, because I am one.  I’m not a regular business person.  I believe life is meant to be enjoyed and with a care free, not too serious spirit.  I like the people who are unapologetically themselves.  People who become more than a client, but a friend.

        I love laughter!  I laugh more than the average human.  I love candids of laughter.  It’s a real joyful moment frozen in time…it’s real, it’s genuine.  I want to capture authentic, genuine moments with my clients.  I want to have fun with my clients on a shoot.  I want my clients to feel like they have had more than just a mere session of getting their photos taken, but like they’ve been having a good time away from the sometimes dull days of routine.  I want to get to know you and your heart and create something that fully represents you as a person. Because you are unlike anyone else in this world.  You deserve to be celebrated; every single part of you that makes you, YOU.  Every little difference, every little quirk is worthy of attention and celebration.  Because you stand out and you’re what the world needs more of.